Top Eight Casino Vacation Destinations

Top Eight Casino Vacation Destinations

Macau, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. These are classic destinations, innovate and try your luck elsewhere! Below you will find eight suggestions on where to play win bet the night away at roulette and poker tables where you can combine all this with fun and some sun.

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Australia, Gold Coast

One of Australia’s top tourist destinations, the Gold Coast in Queensland, 60 kilometers away from the coastline and the northern suburbs of Australia. Being the third largest city in the country, Brisbane, along the border of the state of New South Wales. It has about five million tourists a year, has several theme parks, popular surf beaches, mind-blowing nightlife, and mountainous locations. Add to that the Conrad Jupiters Casino and you will have a casino vacation destination.

South Africa, Cape Town

Gambling in South Africa is strictly regulated, and what better place to allow gambling than in Cape Town known for its harbor and its landmarks such as Table Mountain and Cape Point. The Grand West Casino is operated internationally and is the only casino within the city, but there are a few nearby.

 Panama, Panama City

With 23 properly licensed casino facilities, Panama City is one of the most densely populated casino destinations in the world. Which by chance has not yet become an important part of tourist routes. Situated on the famous Panama Canal along with the Cape of Panama, a section of land between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the city also has many beaches as well as tropical forests, definitely a good vacation destination for anyone looking to visit America Central or South America.

Israel, Eilat

 For a casino vacation with a difference, try Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel, located on the north side of the Red Sea. Gambling is actually illegal in Israel, but casino boats have been heading for international waters from the port of Eilat for many years to allow local and international visitors to play

Spain, Balearic Islands

 The islands of Mallorca, Minorca, Formentera, and Ibiza, which together constitute a province of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea, are where many casinos are located. The largest island, Mallorca, has only one casino, Casino de Mallorca, but within that big casino there is also another casino called Casino Palladium Mallorca. There are also gambling facilities on the other islands.

Jamaica, Montego Bay

Another new addition to the gaming circuit since the Jamaican government gave the Game the green light in April 2008. In fact, approval was given specifically to the first legal casino, but allowed resorts to acquire special licenses for gambling halls and casinos, which means that facilities like the Coral Cliff Hotel in Montego Bay build casinos loaded with slot machines and other games.

Montenegro, Kotor

 The list would not be complete without mentioning the independent casino of Montenegro, the host casino where Agent 007 faces the villainous Le Chiffre in the 2006 James Bond film, entitled “Casino Royale”. Although this casino was fictional, the small Balkan nation is in fact home to several casinos, with a maximum of 14 casinos allowed.

Taiwan, Penghu Islands

 A new destination could be added to the list when Penghu, a popular holiday archipelago between Taiwan and China, added three casinos to its list of attractions. Taiwan’s parliament approved casinos in late 2008.

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